Win Money If You Play Dragon Tiger Betting Now

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Compared to other online betting games, Dragon Tiger is a game that allows you to earn money in simple ways. Although some bettors state that playing Dragon Tiger is a matter of luck, there are ways that you can try to win money from this game. You should play online betting games like Dragon Tiger to fulfill your satisfaction while earning lots of money at the same time. Here are some suggestions you can try to win money if you play Dragon Tiger Betting now.

Win Money If You Play Dragon Tiger Betting Now

Win Money If You Play Dragon Tiger Betting Now

Win Money If You Play Dragon Tiger Betting Now

  1. Understand how to place bets

Basically, all bettors cannot simply ignore the betting process they choose from the online dealer for Dragon Tiger game, despite the simplicity of the rules. Just like how we call the name of the game, the bet is placed on either ‘Dragon’ or ‘Tiger’ wager. The game is started when the dealer places the cards on the table with their face up. The cards with the highest ranking are considered to win. However, there are two basic rules that play an important role in this game. The first is bear in mind that all Aces are the lowest cards.

Secondly, the ‘Tie’ hands permit the house to take the half of each wager, no matter where the bettors have placed the bet. If it is not the money from the ‘Tie’ hands, the online dealer would have no edge. From over the 86.000 possible outcomes for each hand, the ‘Tie’ hands have more than 6.000 possible outcomes, which give 3,73% of edge for the house.

  1. Apply proper strategy

It is true that there only a few strategies you can apply when it comes to online betting games. However, some bettors will agree that counting cards can help them to track how many high or low cards have been drawn. This counting cards strategy allows bettors to increase their chances to place a winning bet and decide the bets wisely. It will be also easier for bettors in keeping the track of ‘Suit’ wager because there are only four of them. This strategy will be beneficial for bettors when they place a ‘Suit’ wager. All bettors who place this kind of bet are suggested to keep the track of suits that have been drawn in the game up to that point.

  1. Try other betting options

To increase the winning chances, there are also other betting options that can be placed aside the ‘Dragon’, ‘Tiger’, ‘Tie’ and ‘Suit’ wagers in the game. They are the ‘Dragon Big’, ‘Dragon Small’, ‘Tiger Big’, and ‘Tiger Small’. If you want to place your bet on those wagers, you can pray that it is not the card number 7 that appears. Otherwise, you will lose. However, the online dealer would have 7,69% of house edge because of those wagers. Therefore, those wagers are not really the best option.

Dragon Tiger game can be found in any online betting sites with great casino games. All bettors can simply take their chance to win this Dragon Tiger online betting game by understanding the rules and how to bet properly. Besides, earning money from playing online betting game sounds interesting. Challenge yourself to win money if you play Dragon Tiger Betting now.