How to Play 3 Pictures Live Casino Game

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If you’ve ever played Brag in America or Flush in India, you may have been familiar with 3 Pictures game as they’re all the same. But if you haven’t, you need to find live casino websites in which you can play this popular game. Before going further with the game, equip yourself with an explanation of how to play 3 pictures live casino game below.

How to Play 3 Pictures Live Casino Game

#1 Know What the General Rules Are

The first and mandatory step to play the game is to know the general rules. By knowing that, you can go further and deeper with the more detailed rules, strategies, tips, and tricks. There are four general rules that you should master before starting to play the 3 pictures live casino game. Here they are:

  1. 3 Pictures game uses a single deck of cards to play and all of the cards carry different values. King, Queen, and Jack are grouped as the picture cards along with the Tens have the value of “0”, while the other cards carry the value based on their denoted number. Be noted that Ace cards carry “1” as their value.
How to Play 3 Pictures Live Casino Game

How to Play 3 Pictures Live Casino Game

  1. All of the players, including the Banker, should play with three cards. The expressions of “Double Knights Seven”, “2 Knights”, and “Plain 9” have their own meanings, all of which determined by their ranking list.
  2. “3 Knights” is the highest ranking. “3 Knights” is a hand having three picture cards. If in that hand there are other cards, they will be counted as the face value of the three cards. This hand has the highest score of 9. If the hand has a total score that exceeds 20 or 10, the total score will be deducted by 20 or 10 respectively.
  3. The goal of the game is to get the highest ranking hand. Refer to the list of ranking to know which hands are the highest and which ones are the lowest.

#2 Understand the Gameplay

After knowing the basic and general rules of 3 Pictures, it is also mandatory for you to understand the gameplay. Here is the list of the gameplay:

  1. In the game, there are one Banker and three Player hands. Card dealing is done one by one by placing the cards in facing up position. The dealing is started from Player 1 to the direction of counterclockwise until the Banker gets the third and last card.
  2. When placing a bet on “Win”, Player can win on any 6 combinations (see the rank list no 11, 12, and 13).
  3. When placing the bet on “Lose”, Banker can win on any 6 combinations (see the rank list no 11, 12, and 13).
  4. When the result is in a tie, regular wager on losing and win is pushed.
  5. The payout of 1 to 1 is for winning bets on Lose/Win bet. Meanwhile, the payout of 8 to 1 is for tie result in the side bet.

There are two things in understanding how to play 3 Pictures live casino game: the general rules and the game play. Equip yourself with those two things so that you can be well prepared in playing the game and can have higher chance to win. And if you want to guarantee your winnings in this type of gambling game, you better try playing it at the top online betting sites that can be found on the internet.