Different Variants of Online Sic Bo Game

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Sic Bo is Chinese dice game which firstly introduced as a carnival game. If you want to experience different types of casino game, Sic Bo suits you best. Nowadays, many online casino sites offer online Sic Bo game to the players. Therefore, you may easily find the online Sic Bo game in some online casino sites. There are different variants of online Sic Bo game based on the game providers. Let’s take a look at the three variants of online Sic Bo.

Different Variants of Online Sic Bo Game

Super Color Sic Bo

Super Color Sic Bo can be found in GP Casino. The game uses three dice and each dice has 21 sides with three different colors. The red colors are number 1, 4, 9, and 12. The blue colors are number 2, 5, 8, and 11. Last, the green colors are number 3, 6, 7, and 10. In playing super color Sic Bo, the players have many choices of betting which are small betting, big betting, odd betting, even betting, one color betting, double color betting, triple color betting, three stars betting, straight betting, triple number betting, double number betting, and zodiac betting.

Different Variants of Online Sic Bo Game

Different Variants of Online Sic Bo Game

Chinese Sic Bo

Chinese Sic Bo is the original Sic Bo game which is oriental-themed game. Chinese Sic Bo is played with three six-sided dice. The players can bet on specific number starting 1 through 6 or the total 4 through 17. There are big and small betting which pay more money moreover if the player successfully predicts a “triple”. Triple is a condition where all the dice show the same number. The payout is 180 to 1. In other words, it is very profitable. Although it is a Chinese Sic Bo, it does not require Chinese language skill at all. So, don’t worry.

Sic Bo Opus Casino

The aim in playing Sic Bo through Opus Casino is guessing the total number of the three dice. The players can choose one of the boxes as the symbol of the players’ choice. If the player can guess the number correctly, the players will win the game and the rewards depend on the chosen box. If the player chooses the empty box then the player will get nothing. There are 8 boxes which are big, small, each double, each triple, any triple, total number, 2 dice, and any dice. Each box has different payout so you need to choose the box carefully.

Sic Bo EBET Casino

Sic Bo EBET casino can be played on a computer and a mobile device. There are 8 ways of playing Sic Bo in EBET casino. There are three same specific numbers, two same specific numbers, three same numbers, total specific numbers, specific two numbers, a specific number, big numbers, and small numbers. It depends on the result of the dice after being shaken.

There are four different variants of online Sic Bo game mentioned above. This type of game is more exciting and fun to play in any top online betting sites. You may choose the one version which is more beneficial and easy to play. Each Sic Bo game brings profit for sure.